Hitched!: A Wedding Planning Event

7:00am on a cloudy Santa Monica Sunday morning illumini left for the drive to Palm Springs. Why so early? First, because we are a little crazy. Second, there was much work to be done and so little time in a day!

The Place:

We figured what better place to get some work done than at a little redone retro hotel in the desert. Speaking of the hotel, we fell in love. Ace Hotel was built on an old 1965 Howard Johnson Hotel and is green, integrating sustainable elements. It all has a very vintage feel to it, which is exactly how we like to craft our events! In the front building there is a cute {and delicious} diner as well as Amigos Bar. Connected to that is a pool, which would have been ideal for lounging, but not work. The rooms themselves are scattered amongst a couple of buildings, which have cozy outdoor fire pits. Around back there is another pool and event space, which is where Hitched! was held. There is an indoor space surrounded in glass doors that can be (and were) open to extend the space into the night air. Outside there is another pool with lounging areas. At the time there were food and beverage stations, vintage furniture and a photo area. Check out photos below!

The Event:

Hitched! is a bridal event put on by Bash, Please {a southern California event planning company}. They have a very distinct style to their work and it is one we are definitely fond of. For the evening we decided to play brides instead of wedding planners…ok well aren’t they really one and the same? We were there with tons of other wedding-crazed ladies, strictly for research purposes we promise! Bash, Please presented some of their favorite vendors from photographers, to stylists, to paper boutiques. After having champagne from a can and mini sandwiches, we left with a goody bag with samples from nearly every vendor.

lobby of ace hotel

before it got too busy...


the goodie bag!


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