Engagement Photos Inspired by Travel

{repost from Green Wedding Shoes}

“A bit about the couple’s story from Rachel, ‘Jason and I met through friends and got engaged on Santorini island after Jason flew out to meet me on a Europe trip. I’m a high school teacher and with my summers free I’ve always enjoyed traveling. Jason’s work for Lucas Oil sponsored race teams has taken him throughout the U.S. and Europe, and he is currently launching his own Lucas Lubes distribution website.

After our wedding we leave for a seven-week backpacking trip through Southeast Asia and Africa. We wanted to make our love of travel a central theme of both our engagement photos and our wedding. With the vintage plane and car as well as the shots near Oceanside’s “Top Gun” house, Justin Lee’s work captures both the adventure of travel and the comfort of home. He is truly an artist, and working with him was amazing.'”

Photographed by Justin Lee (who is located in San Diego, CA). Thanks also to Julie Wick for makeup and Kalyn Pierce who did Rachel’s hair.

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