illumini: (v.) italian. to illuminate {you}

With a passion for creating detailed & meaningful events, miles traveled around the globe, and a plain old love of life, romance and all things fun, illumini makes each and every event one-of-a-kind. It all started the one morning Cuckie and Jessica realized they were destined to be together {by “be” we mean, work together and hang out everyday}.

In a tiny bungalow in Venice, California two girls of like mind, sense of style and eye for detail came to work with a plan to surprise the other by sprucing up the office. Jessica arrived first with a quote board and decorated the house with origami flowers and cranes. Thirty minutes later Cuckie arrived with cupcakes and balloons of all colors. Their eyes met. It was meant to be. …But not quite yet.

Cuckie went to live in Europe and Jessica moved to Asia. Two years later, after traveling the world, they reunited on the beaches of Santa Monica to pick up where they left off. Bringing together styles cultivated by their unique experiences, they now spend their days creating those special details that will illuminate your event.

Cuckie  {PHOTO}

Loves: freshly mowed grass, handwritten letters, gardenias, vintage chandeliers, sage green, perfectly stacked pillows, flea markets, traveling with nothing but a journal, red soles, graph paper, french fries, asking strangers where they come from, calligraphy

Jessica {PHOTO}

Loves: maps, middle of nowhere, long dresses, backpacking, tiny kids speaking other languages, new experiences, yoga, soulful tunes, vineyards, details, vespas, mountains, food & wine, photography, green, clothes right out of a dryer, spas, flowers, red velvet cupcakes, little surprises

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